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Jacopo Ligozzi ( Verona 1549 ca. Florence 1627 )
Portrait of Leopoldo de’ Medici in swaddling, 1618
Oil on canvas; 59.6x 74.2 cm
© The Uffizi Galleries

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На случай, если станет сильно заметно...
Что авторство на бейджике картины и в моей ссылке...
Не так чтобы совпадают...
Под картиной есть, например, такие слова:

This painting, previously attributed to Tiberio Titi, brother of Santi and portrait painter to the grand duchy, is actually the work of Veronese, Jacopo Ligozzi, as recorded in several inventories from 1637 until the latter part of the following century. In fact, the meticulousness that goes into the range of fabrics exhibited in the painting, the sensitivity to natural-looking surfaces, still substantially mannerist, are in line with the style of Ligozzi at the end of the second decade of the 1600s
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